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Towbar fitting Birmingham.

Towbar fitting Tamworth

​Towbar fitting Sutton Coldfield

Towbar fitting Ashby

Towbar fitting Solihull

Towbar fitting Shirley

Towbar fitting Stratford upon Avon

Towbar fitting Dorridge

Towbar fitting Four Oaks

Towbar fitting Aldridge

Towbar fitting Wolverhampton

Towbar fitting West Bromwich

Towbar fitting Walsall

Towbar fitting Dudley

Towbar fitting Lichfield

Towbar fitting Redditch

Towbar fitting Atherstone

Towbar fitting Coleshill



  Many more area's & vehicle's covered for your towbar fitting service's. Please call 0121 359 2507 for a quotation.


Tow-Bars Used


Bosal Tow-Bars                                                           Witter Tow-Bars                                              Tow-Trust Tow-Bars

Westfalia Detachable Tow-bars                                  Witter Detachable Towbars                             Tow-Trust Detachable Tow-Bars

Westfalia Fixed Tow-bars                                            Witter Fixed Tow-Bars                                    Tow-Trust Fixed Tow-Bars

Westfalia Towbars for bike racks                                Witter Towbars for bike racks                         Tow-Trust Towbars for bike racks

Westfalia Swan Neck Towbars                                   Witter Swan Neck Towbars                            Tow-Trust Swan Neck Towbars

Westfalia Flange Detachable Towbars                        Witter Flange Detachable Towbars                Tow-Trust Flange Detachable Towbars


Many more combinations of Bosal, Westfalia, Witter and Tow-Trust tow-bars are avalible along with dedicated wiring looms.

Catchment Area's

Mercedes towbar fitters

BMW towbar fitters

Toyota towbar fitters

Land Rover towbar fitters

Ford towbar fitters

Audi towbar fitters

Vauxhall towbars

Hyundai towbar fitters

Chrysler Jeep towbar fitters

VW towbar fitters

Jaguar towbar fitters

Renault towbar fitters

Isuzu towbar fitters

Mitsubishi towbar fitters

Peugeot towbar fitters

Lexus towbar fitters

Suzuki towbar fitters

Volvo towbar fitters



Vehicle's Covered

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